Best Positions To Get Pregnant - Azoospermia

Best positions to get pregnant, why does some couples find it hard to conceive, this may be caused from several reasons, including weak or insufficient sperm count (Azoospermia). If individuals who are encountering a challenge in getting pregnant can try to increase the chance of getting pregnant by the position in which they have sex.

The ideal sex position for conception allows deep penetration where semen can be deposited close to the  cervix. As such, any position that gets the semen close to the cervix is good for getting pregnant.

Best Positions To Get Pregnant:
Missionary style is still the best. The missionary style of sex positions the male on top of the female. While this position may be considered boring or old-fashioned, it is the most effective sex position for conceiving. After sex in the missionary position, it is important for the woman to stay put for up to 20 minutes with a small pillow under the hips. The pillow allows semen to pool around the cervix where sperm can swim through the hole in the cervix more quickly.

The butt lift: a variation on missionary style. The butt lift is nearly identical to the missionary style, but the male places hands under the female bottom to lift the hips toward his body. This lift allows for deeper penetration. It is especially important to lift hips at the time of ejaculation so sperm is closer to the cervix.


Deep stick with a wedge pillow. Another variation of the missionary sex position is the deep stick or deep missionary. The female places her legs on the shoulders of her male partner. The male then pulls the legs toward his pelvis to align the vagina with the penis. A wedge placed under the bottom of the female raises the hips to increase penetration depth.


 Spread eagle: missionary with a flip. Some couples love sex positions where a woman is on her tummy. The spread eagle offers the benefits of the missionary sex position from a tummy position. The female lays on her tummy with legs spread far apart. A wedge or small pillow placed under the hips raises the pelvis to meet the penis. The male can grab her upper thighs during ejaculation for increased penetration to deposit semen near the cervix to increase fertility chances.

Doggie style for a tilted or tipped uterus / cervix. Doggie style is a rear-entry sex position that lifts the uterus and cervix flush with the vaginal opening. Doggie style allows the male partner to control penetration depth.

Tips On Chances Of Getting Pregnant
1) The penis should remain inside the vagina for at least one minute after ejaculation. Avoid getting up immediately after sex. Remain lying down for at least 10 minutes – ideally 30 – after sex.

2) Guys should wait for 36 hours in between sex sessions if getting pregnant is the goal. If you have sex too often there will be very little sperm left in the semen.

3) While the female orgasm is not essential for conception, some believe that uterine contractions from orgasm may actually help the sperm move toward the fallopian tubes, in order to fertilize your egg. Also, having an orgasm increases your chances of getting pregnant because studies show that the uterus opens up and tips during orgasm.

4) When trying to get pregnant avoid certain sex position such as, sex while standing up, sitting down, or with the woman on top. When trying to conceive, it is best to limit the amount of sperm that flows back out of the vagina.

Which Sexual Position is Best for Conceiving a Girl?

Which Sexual Position is Best for Conceiving a Boy?

Foods that boost your sex life or chances of getting pregnant.
Conception can be assisted by changing your diet. Here are some sex-boosting foods.

Vitamin A
Found in eggs, cheese and butter, pumpkin and carrots, and green leafy vegetables. Vitamin A maintains the epithelial tissues which line all the surfaces of the body both internally and externally, and so includes the vagina and uterus.

Vitamin D
The lack of this fat soluble vitamin could be linked to adulatory problems. Oily fish, eggs and regular sunshine (with sunscreen) can help your Vitamin D levels.

Folic Acid
Folic acid is essential especially in the early stages of fetal growth and deficiencies of folic acid and Vitamin B2 have also been linked to infertility. Eat spinach and broccoli, liver, avow and beetroot.

Low levels of zinc have been linked to low sex drive in men and women. It also aids in the production of sperm. Get it from shellfish, brown rice, green veggies and turkey.

Selenium ensures the production of healthy eggs and sperm. Food sources are brown rice and oats.

The metabolism of estrogen depends on healthy levels of manganese. If your manganese levels are low, your fertility levels could be compromised too. Find it in spinach, tea, oats, wholegrain cereals, raisins, pineapple, beans, peas and nuts.

Essential fatty acids
Linoleic acid is important for sperm production. Nuts, vegetable and sunflower oils are good sources.

Antioxidants neutralize the harmful substances in the body and help boost libido. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables like tomatoes and avocados.

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