What Cause Male Infertility

What cause male infertility, majority of male infertility cases are due primarily to poor sperm quality and low sperm counts. There are additional cases of male infertility that can be caused by a number of factors including anatomical problems, genetic defects, and hormonal imbalances.

To determined the true extent of male infertility I would suggest physical exam and a medical history analysis, additional specific tests for male infertility include: Blood tests to evaluate hormone levels and Semen analysis to evaluate the quantity and quality of sperm. Also, this test involved a sample of sperm is examined in a laboratory to determine the number and quality of the sperm.

Treatment for male infertility should first address any underlying medical conditions that may be contributing to fertility problems. Surgery may be used to repair varicoceles and correct any obstructions in the reproductive tract. Drug therapy may be used to treat hormonal disorders.

Listed below are the most common factors that may cause male infertility:
- Sperm disorders:
- Varicoceles
- Retrograde ejaculation:
- Immunologic infertility
- Obstruction:
- Hormones:
- Genetics:
- Medication:
- Diabetes 
- Lifestyle factors such as being overweight
- Job that involves contact with chemicals or radiation
Also, assisted reproductive techniques such as intrauterine insemination and in vitro fertilization (IVF) may be able to help you and your partner get pregnant.

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