Treatment Azoospermia

Treatment Azoospermia, in this section of my blog I will now make every effort to explain in-dept Azoospermia home treatment that is effective by use of over-the-counter products and home made treatment.If it is observed that sperm are not found in the ejaculate, then there is either obstruction or blockage in the reproductive tract or sperm is not being made at levels sufficient to get into the ejaculate.

A blockage can be due to prior infection, surgery, prostatic cysts, injury or congenital absence of the vas deferens (CAVD). Except for cases of congenital absence, most cases are of obstruction are repairable with micro-surgical or endoscopic reconstruction:

What Is Fertility Treatment:-

In cases of azoospermia that is not due to blockage, termed non-obstructive azoospermia, medical treatment can help some men develop ejaculated sperm (i.e. those with reversible conditions such as Kallman syndrome, hyperprolactinemia; varicocele); in most instances however, the only hope for building a biological family is to use sperm retrieved from the testis with assisted reproduction.

Azoospermia Due To Blockage:
Azoospermia due to blockage, clinically, it is important to determine whether men with azoospermia have an obstruction as a cause of the problem as this can be treated and reversed with microsurgery.

Azoospermia Without Obstruction:
Azoospermia without obstruction, in cases of non-obstructive azoospermia in which sperm production is not normal, then it is assumed that obstruction does not exist. In a few cases, this condition is medically treatable (Kallman syndrome, hyperprolactinemia);

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